Many people have come to me with dog behaviour problems, as well as for general obedience training.  Below are copies of letters and statements that I have received from a few of my many satisfied customers
"My border collie is five years old and has a lovely nature but was a monster to take for a walk; she would drag me along, leap out at cars and go for other dogs.  It got to the stage where I didn't want to take her out.  Then I met Syd.  We all got together on the green in Beaumaris, where with just three lessons Syd taught me how to be in control.  (The dog) loves Syd because she had someone who knew how to handle her calmly and firmly.  Now taking her for a walk is real pleasure and fun.  I am very grateful to Syd for what he has taught us." 

Shirley P., Llangoed, Anglesey.
"I was having problems with handling my dog, so I went to Syd for training lessons, and then joined the classes.  We got on so well, that when I bought another pup I carried on training with that one too.  Syd doesn't go in for competitions himself as he does not like that scene, but my dogs were behaving so well that I could take them to shows.  We have been to several, and have won rosettes at them all!  It is really good fun, and I keep going to the classes and training my dogs to keep them in top form for shows."
Gail, Beaumaris, Anglesey
I can thoroughly recommend the training offered by Syd.  His combination of one-to-one training and weekly classes has not only been educational and useful but great fun too.  Held in a beautiful rural location these events are unmissable (come rain wind or sunshine), and it is brilliant to see so many dogs learning new skills and behaving so well together.
Syd shows his natural command, knowledge, skill and understanding of dogs during the classes and also when he gives demonstrations of this own dogs.  He uses his considerable ability to transfer skills to handlers and their dogs and he is able to deal with different behaviours and dogs with different training needs.

Each weekly class accommodates a range of different dog breeds and sizes at different stages in their training, as well as a range of handlers with varying abilities.  He is able to give each dog and handler attention while also enabling the classes to be challenging and always entertaining.

Syd's patience and optimism during the one to one sessions is inspirational and some handlers often se immediate changes in their dogs.  Others may take a little longer! "Trust you little dog".

The impressive range of agility equipment gives us all a chance to test our dogs and our own abilities, often seeing progress in a short time.  It is a great experience to take part in exercises where dogs are asked to stay in position for extended periods under their handlers' command, and to see 15 dogs behave so well in a group is a joy to behold and "a big ask" as Syd would say!

Dogs can be commanded in any language and Syd's approach is tailored to individual needs. The combination of discipline and reward based training means that handlers can lean to keep their dogs under close control while also allowing us all to enjoy ourselves.  A great weekly experience - not to be missed.

Nonn Williams & Celt
Llansadwrn, Anglesey.
And a postcard from one 'happy dog'!

Dear Syd
I am on holiday in Ireland and the lady at the guest house said I could come indoors if I was well behaved.  She is very pleased with me and even lets me sleep in the house, and she has commented lots of times on how good I am!  Thank you very very much for helping me to be such a good dog and enjoy my holidays.

Love from Barney